“Her massage studio is very warm and comfortable and I always feel so much better at the end of a treatment.” Miguel, December 2018


“Ilaria has truly found her vocation in life…it is so rare to find someone who listens to and works with the body to achieve the desired results, rather than using a cookie cutter approach for every session” Victoria, October 2018


“I have been seeing Ilaria for MLD treatments once a week for 3 years. I am literally just not able to cope without my weekly session! She is very skilled and caring and just knows what to do to stimulate my body to function properly and to release any discomfort.” Sarah. March 2017


“I can strongly recommend Ilaria for Pregnancy massage. I received regular sessions with her during my 2 pregnancies and I could not have dealt with some issues without her help.” Nickola. January 2016


“Ilaria is a great masseuse! Her treatments are not only relaxing but very therapeutic. She did release my locked back many times. She is also a very lovely and kind person! I do strongly recommend her.”  Paul, Novemeber 2015


” I feel alive again. Wonderful!”  Jamie x          19th April 2014


“Ilaria was recommended to me, and I in turn highly recommend her. She is a very skilled, calm and healing masseuse. She has just the right balance of strength and gentleness when she massages, and she always uses great oils. I always feel so relaxed after a massage with Ilaria. Thank you”  Alexie 12/04/2014

Amelia H Happy Customer

Ilaria’s massage is truly, amazingly relaxing! After every session I feel rejuvenated.


Lucy Simmons Satisfied Client

I tried the Ayurvedic Facial treatment with Ilharia and it was a blissfull experience! The skin really felt rejuvenated afterwards! More toned and smoother and it lasted long time! I loved the fact that she uses only natural products, such as fresh fruits. Worth every penny!


Mary Anderson HR specialist
I had a car accident which caused me a bad whiplash, I went to see ilaria for a massage because after a couple of months the stiffness in my neck was still there and I my movements were restricted. She made me feel much better with her massage and stretching techniques. I definitely recommend her!


Lynn Powell Marathon Runner
I had a few injuries and Ilaria helped me a lot through my recovery with her corrective Massage. Her sessions are very effective during training as well and her manners and the atmosphere she creates are so relaxing!


Peter Wilson Marketing Manager

I started suffering from horrible headaches after spending 8 hours at my computer desk every day. I had a 20 minutes of on-site Massage from Ilaria at my office and I felt so much better; invigorated, refreshed! My shoulders felt much more supple and the headache was gone! I also received some advices on how to deal with my problems at the end of the session, I am coping with it much better now!